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Here is a game played on August 15th 2018 between Peter Braham (White, ECF 148 and John Hipshon (Black, ECF 123) in the Alwoodley Chess Club Internal League Division 1. Comments from

Peter makes an aggressive start and wins two pawns, but John fights back and not only equalises, but misses a clear win. However, in the end game both players missed win chances too! A draw was agreed, and was probably a fair result after all that. Exciting stuff!

This game was played 14/8/18 between Mark Crowther (White, ECF 184) and club president Chris Wright (Black, ECF 168). Chris comments:

I was outplayed in the late opening / early middle game but held on against pressure down the e file.
27... Is a desperate move, advancing the pawn in front of the king but it wins material.
A few moves later I am a rook up and must be winning unless someone demonstrates otherwise.
But I didn't manage my time well enough and left myself six moves to make In a little more than a minute. Mark found something unexpected to do and I spoilt my position and ran out of time.
There is honour in taking a much higher graded opponent to the wire. The boxing analogy is that we both know I rocked him on his heels. He came through but next time may be my turn.


Hugh Thornton played an excellent game in the Yorkshire League against Gary Corcoran. Enjoy  - there are some nice tactics here (and a few blunders too!)

Chris Wright v Barry Taylor 1st Feb 2019

Chris comments:

My opponent played the perfectly respectable Karpov variation of the English.  His decision to play Bg4, followed by the exchange of bishop for knight on f3 is perhaps, and the decision to castle queenside was definitely unwise. He obviously thought he was going to be attacking on the kings side.  He only had time for one attacking move h5 and then was on the back foot for the rest of the game.


In the final position every white piece is targeting the black king which has been reduced to hiding behind the white pawn on b7.

Rupert Jones v Paul Gelder, Woodhouse Cup, 5th November 2016. Paul comments:

When I returned to chess in 2012 after a 17 year absence I did not expect to play in the Woodhouse Cup.Previously I had played only once before in 1965 for Leeds Chess Club.Over 50 years later came my only win on Bonfire Night 2016.Here it is.

A neat finish!

Steve Smith (No ECF grade) v Steve Hodgson (ECF 70) Yorkshire League Division 3 played 22nd September 2018.

It's long, but it's not a classic.

Failing to re-capture the bishop (move 25) was a massive error, instead I played the move that I had planned to play after re-capturing.  I claim being distracted by going to the loo and then putting my jumper on!


LiChess has me more or less ahead up until that point.  I thought I fought back OK, winning back 2 pawns for my accidentally-sacrificed knight.  As Phil mentioned after the game, I should have swapped rooks (move 66) leaving me with 2 pawns versus pawn and bishop, knowing that if I swap off my opponent's pawn for one - or even two - of mine then it's a draw.

 And then of course, on move 69 I blunder again and that's pretty much all she wrote.

 Ah well, hopefully some points to bear in mind for next time!

Paul Gelder v Mike Bramson, Yorkshire League Division one, 25/3/17. Draw.

Paul comments after move 58:

At this point with both of us in time trouble my opponent offered a draw which I accepted. However what simple winning move did I miss ? Swindled PG 

David Pedro v Rupert Jones, Yorkshire League Division 1, February 2nd 2019.

A win for David in 18 moves. David comments: 

Turns out on analysis, that when Rupert resigned if he played c5 he would only be a pawn down rather than a piece down as I am forced to move my queen back and then he simply takes the piece back but loses a pawn, although I am still very favourable positionally. 

Mike Bramson v Chris Terrington, Yorkshire League Div 16th April 2019.

Chris comments:

Mate in 2 at move 19. and a first league win against a 160+ player!

After the game, Mike said that when he played 8.Be3?! he'd not seen the force of the reply e5 and thought he should have played d5= when there are some fairly wild variations that seem about equal but over the board could have gone either way.

Think I gained the early pressure as the classical development moves of 3.Nf3, 4.Be2, 5.O-O, 6.c4 and 7.d4 - strange as it may seem - left White with difficulties as Black has good attacking chances in these Scandinavian, Portuguese variations against both the King & the Queen.

I slightly misplayed the attack with 9...e4?! (Better exd4) but luckily Mike then made an error in return with 11.Bf4 (Better Nh4=).

After this I "just" had to play carefully to ensure I trapped the King and (unlike some games earlier in the season) didn't let it run away!

Chris Wright v Mate Ther from the Harrogate League on 31/5/19.

Chris comments:

No one likes playing our up and coming juniors.  If we win we feel something of a bully.  If we lose we know we have been worked over by someone who is playing way above his grading.


Mate got into a lot of trouble with his opening.  To get out of it he did a Bronstein, he sacrificed his queen for two pieces and looked for and got piece play.


Fritz claims I was never in trouble but that's not how it felt at the board. 


Mate was down on the clock as we approached the 30 move time control.  So I played 29 b5 instead of N x d6.  Whatever happened I would be attacking a piece at the end of it.  My 31 was a blunder; after Kh1 my king was safe but I played to Kg2 relying on the attack on the rook on f3.  Mate sacrificed the rook but it wasn't quite mate so I came out of the melee well ahead.

Paul Gelder v Paul May now in the internal league. Paul Geder comments:  Probably one of my best finishes ever, particularly as I played most of the last 20 moves in the last 5 minutes and we both  had less than a minute at the end. I was OK until moves 19 to 26 when I had to lose the exchange. In time pressure at the end Ne6 on move 42 would have finished the game quicker. We got a round of applause at the end.

A game played between one of the Juniors and a a new club player in the recent clash between Alwoodley B and Alwoodley C. Exciting start! Here Angelica catches Joe off guard with a surprise attack on f7. Hopefully Joe has now learnt to defend that attack with Nh6!

This is David Pedro's win against a Grand Master. Quite why GM Lalic was playing for the Isle of Wight Chess team online in out recent tournament with clubs from around the country is unknown, but David beat him using the London system!

I call this game I played online - 'KEEP ATTACKING!' I got there in the end!

Ivor Timmis breaks the Sicilian with an aggressive C file attack in this online game.